Ferrari’s New Factory Warranty – 7 Years?!

By | August 5, 2011

Ferrari's 7-yr Manufacturer's Warranty

So up until this point, when you asked a Ferrari dealer how long of a factory warranty the vehicle came with, you would 1. get laughed at, and 2. be told that you obviously aren’t Ferrari-owner material if you have to ask. (True stories…both of them).

You might think that if a supercar maker jumped into the finally-offering-a-warranty game that they might start with the standard 3yr/36,000mi warranty. Possibly the luxury standard of 4yrs/50,000mi? You’d be wrong…

On the wave of record sales, Ferrari has offered an epic 7yr/unlimited mileage warranty. (Take that Hyundai!)

::Cue the lamentations of a thousand recent Ferrari buyers::

It makes sense all around. Ownership costs of a Ferrari are lower, so more purchase. The cars are properly maintained so Ferrari gets a reputation for reliability. The cars hold their value better, so they become a better buy, so more people buy Ferraris.

The service covers yearly (or every 12,500 miles) inspections, parts, and labor on anything defective. (If only they covered tires!)

How Do You Qualify?

By purchasing a 2012 FF, 458 Italia, or California, you qualify for the free maintenance plan. That being said, if you purchase a 2012 California over an Italia, you also coincidentally qualify for a free brain examination. Only the former needs to be done at an official dealership, while the latter can be done at your local mental health institution.

Hey, look at that – it just became smart to purchase a supercar…we’ll take any excuse we can get.

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Shah on August 5, 2011 at 5:46 pm.

Now we are talking.  Wonder why no love for the 599?

AJ Wilcox on August 5, 2011 at 9:27 pm.

That’s a really good point. My guess is because it’s the next outgoing model. Whatever replaces it (The 601?) will then be covered.

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