FMD: The Ford Sweepstakes Rides Again

By | April 3, 2014


You might remember Ford Motor Company for its roll in making the automobile affordable for masses.  The Model T is one of the most famous vehicles ever produced and arguable one of the most influential in history.  What you might not realize is that an earlier Ford built car, a race car, is probably even more important in the grand scheme of things.

Before it was the Ford Motor Company, it was the Detroit Automobile company and it was on the ropes.  Henry Ford had only built 19 or 20 vehicles in the year 1900 and things weren’t looking too good for the DAC.  Out of desperation, Ford realized that he needed to do something to get peoples attention.  He needed publicity.  The car you see in the video above is the Ford “Sweepstakes”.  The original Ford racing car and the car that won the “Race That Changed Everything.”

Enjoy as NASCAR racer Carl Edwards gets a thrill, driving a 113-year-old race car that has no brakes, no seat belts, and cotton corded tires.

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