FMD: Friday Motoring Division Humor Edition

By | October 25, 2013

Friday Motoring Division – Ken Box

We all love Ken Block and his mad driving skillz.  We have been following his Gymkhana videos for a while now.  It comes as no surprise that a spoof is now out.  Meet Ken Box, a tribute to Ken Block.  The vehicle of choice?  A Crazy Cart.  The Crazy Cart is powered by two 12v lead acid batteries giving the 140lb sled a top speed of 12 mph and a battery life of about 40 minutes.  With the Crazy Cart you can drive it around like a go cart or pull the e-brake like “Drift Bar” to send the cart into a Ken Block style drift called “Crazy Cart Mode.” The Crazy Cart will set you back $399 and is available exclusively through Toys R Us.

So check out the video!  It includes the usual Ken Block style of driving through such locations.  Featured is a Ken Block doppelganger and a professional gorilla.  Yes, you read that right!

Source: YouTube

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