Ford’s New WRC Fiesta Rally Car

By | February 1, 2011

Ford unveiled the specs for its new Fiesta RS WRC rally car just in time for its first race February 10, 2011. The car past the tough new technical specifications required for homologation by the FIA, for WRC’s “new cost-effective regulations.” Paperwork is expected to be finalized this week.

One of the “cost-effective regulations” is replacing last years Focus and 2.0L I4 turbo-engine with the Fiesta and its 1.6L EcoBoost turbocharged I4. The new engine makes 300 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque despite the required 33mm air restrictor. A six-speed sequential transmission sends power to both axles.

Suspension pieces have been replaced with lighter, tighter and stronger pieces over a production model. The car uses Michelin rubber, but rim size varies for different surfaces. Gravel and snow will have 7″x15″ rims fit over 11.8″ rotors and pavement will have 8″x18″ rims with 13.8″ rotors.

The first race is in Sweden (on snow and ice) and Mikko Hirvonen and Jari-Matti Latvala set out to defend Hiroven’s Rally Sweden Crown.

So when do we get a 300 horsepower all-wheel-drive EcoBoost Fiesta for the streets.? No announcements for an AWD street version but a 160ish horsepower EcoBoost Fiesta has been rumored. Sad, because we think a WRC Fiesta would make a perfect daily-driver!

(Jason Udy, Ford Racing, Motor Trend)

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