Get On Track With Miller Motorsports Park’s Wide Open Wednesday

By | July 15, 2011

Wide Open Wednesday Track DayAutomotive enthusiasts in Utah are pretty damn lucky. Some don’t realize just how lucky they are to have a world class racing facility like Miller Motorsports Park (MMP) right in their own backyard.  Most of us have been to MMP to watch the pros shred it up on track, dreaming of one day tossing a car of our own through the infamous “attitudes”. Well that dream can be reality thanks to MMP’s Wide Open Wednesday or WOW.

WOW is a program open to any and all who are interested in testing their might and their machinery on track. Think of it as a high-speed unguided tour. For a paltry fee of only $25 you get no-holds-barred access to the track for as many flying laps as sunlight and attendance will permit. All that is required is a car, a helmet and the desire to push your limits. Miller is quick to remind that this is a non-competitive, non-timed lap but speeds are unrestricted and you’re welcome to push as hard or as soft as you like. If the big track is a bit too intimidating for you, MMP also offers Autocross ($10) and karting ($10) during each WOW.

The Daily Derbi VW GTI

Our Trusty Old GTI

Any and all cars are welcome! During our first WOW experience this past Wednesday, we saw everything from M3’s, Porches and Vipers to Saturn Ions, Accords, and Station Wagons. Word of this glorious event must be spreading as we were there among 100+ fellow enthusiasts. The atmosphere in the staging area is one of jovial camaraderie as gear heads share stories about their laps and cars. Every now and then you’ll hear an overzealous driver spin out, enlisting a friendly applause from those in the staging lanes.  Unfortunately our laps were cut a bit short when a Mini Cooper S decided it was done with a rod, sending it (along with oil and flame) through the side of the block and all over the track. That’s the best way to blow a motor in our opinion, attacking the apex of a blind corner. Luckily though, most everyone was able to get a few hot laps in before the Mini spilled its guts. Some pushed a little harder than others as you can see in the videos below.

Miller Motorsports Park runs Wide Open Wednesday on the SECOND Wednesday of each month between May and September. Gates usually open around 5 but it is HIGHLY recommended you get there earlier than later in order to beat the crowds and get some quality laps in. Because this last event was so well attended there are talks of MMP opening up both the East and West tracks, giving everyone the opportunity to get some quality seat time. To learn more about WOW or to pre-register for the next event visit MMP’s Wide Open Wednesday page.



Anonymous on July 16, 2011 at 12:29 am.

I heard they don’t let convertibles drive on the track unless they have a roll bar of some sort. :( Maybe I could at least go watch!

Chad Waite on July 16, 2011 at 7:35 pm.

Ya, you have to have a non-bolted roll bar on your vehicle to get on track. Looks like my Miata is out :(

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