Gift Ideas for the Discerning Car Fan

By | November 19, 2010

Car Gift Ideas

With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for the rabid car fan in your life. Lucky for you, the Daily Derbi has your back! During this year’s SEMA show, we were able to compile a few gift ideas for the car-o-phile on your list, ranging from the perfect stocking stuffers to full blown (mini) race cars.

First up is the classic stocking stuffer: Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels Gift Idea

These little detailed gems make perfect cubicle décor and help keep your car fan focused on why they slave away day in and day out in harsh artificial light! These are perfect for practicing The Secret. Soon you’ll have a real 458 parked outside! Retail: $0.98 (Seriously!? So much automotive goodness for under a Buck!)

Another gear-head gift idea for the cubicle bound is a product by the name of Road Mice.

Car Mouse Road Mice

Toss out the boring old mouse on your desk and replace it with a Lamborghini, Corvette, Viper, Ford GT and more. Cruise the web in style with these surprisingly detailed, fully functional mice available in both wired and wireless applications. Retail: $44.95-$54.95

What if the petrol head on your list has watched all 3 Gymkhanas over 100 times each, and a fully raced out $100k+ 650 horsepower Ford Fiesta is out of the budget? Get them Traxxas’ new Ken Block 1/16th scale Gymkhana Fiesta RC car!

Ken Block RC Car

This scaled down drifting demon offers all wheel drive, adjustable height oil filled suspension and actual speeds of over 50mph! That’s just as fast as our ’92 Ford Escort in 1/16th the size! Now your dedicated Block-o-Phile can perform their own Gymkhana in the comfort and safety of their own home. (I for one have put this little beauty on my list!). Retail: Fully loaded and ready to shred for $319.

With the driving simulator game of the decade finally set to release next week (fingers crossed) and the petrol-sexual on your list already has it on pre-order, what can you possibly give them this Christmas season? Well, if they are like us, they already have a full home theater setup, but a crappy hand me down lazy-boy from stinky uncle George. Luckily, there’s Playseat America and their awesome gaming chairs!

Gaming Chair

These racing seats for the living room will immerse your vehicular gamer in the racing experience with a fully bolstered racing seat complete with steering wheel and pedal stand. Transition your movie room or office into a true drivers seat with a chair from Playseat Amercia. Retail $349.99-$549.99+

Finally, if the car crazed person on your list has been a really, really good boy/girl and they love offroad racing, get them a full fledged racing kart from Trophy Kart.

Trophy Kart Racer

These mini-off road racers offer all the excitement of trophy truck racing in about half the size (and price). These little beasts are fully built to handle epic jumps and hard corners in the dirt. They come complete with roll cages, 30-50 horsepower Honda engines and a slew of wheel, tire and suspension options to fit your weekend racers needs. Retail: Contact manufacturer for specific pricing. (They’re not going to be cheap, so be prepared!)

[Brandon Christiansen]


AJ on November 20, 2010 at 12:01 am.

Petrol sexual…lol, nice one

Chadwaite6 on November 20, 2010 at 5:36 am.

Agreed. That trophy kart is sick!!

StephAnn Knotts on November 20, 2010 at 4:21 pm.

hmm… maybe I will just buy myself presents this year!

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