Giveaway: Free Zagg Smartphone Skin, Design It With Your Favorite Car

By | April 17, 2012

Zagg HD Protector with PorscheTwo years ago I graduated from my tired flip phone to a smartphone when I got my long awaited iPhone 3GS. To me, the best way to break in my new gadget was to take it with me as my primary picture taking device when Ferrari Challenge stopped off at the Miller Motorsports Park two years ago.

Sadly, since I didn’t have any sort of case or skin protecting it, the thing got absolutely trashed. But last week I was able to renew my contract, once more becoming AT&T’s money surrendering slave for the next two years, and that meant getting a new iPhone. This time around, I knew better than to leave my phone unprotected and decided on picking up a Zagg HD protection screen.

So what does this all mean to you and how does it relate to a car blog?

First, Zagg let’s you design your own skin for your phone, meaning you can now take your “if I won the lottery” dream car everywhere on the back of your phone. I mean, who needs the real thing when you have that, right? Take a look at the designs I cocked about with when testing out the design generator:

Zagg HD Protector Ford GT

Jeremy Clarkson iPhone Cover

More importantly than a screen protector with a melting Jeremy Clarkson is the fact that we’re giving away a $20 gift card for a completely customizable Zagg skin protector to one of our readers! Here’s how to enter (it’s pretty dang simple):

  • Leave a comment on this article saying anything for one entry!
  • Bonus- if have a blog or a website and link to the DailyDerbi in an article or blogroll, we’ll give you an extra two entries! If you do, let us know the URL by emailing us at


One winner will be randomly drawn next Tuesday and forever have their phone phone wrapped in protective, car graphic glory. Or at least until they get an upgrade…

I should probably point out that we were not compensated in any way by Zagg to run this promo. In fact, the free Zagg protector was acquired completely independent of the blog. Instead of keeping it, we asked if we could run it as a giveaway on the Daily Derbi and they were like “sure dudes, that’s totally stellar with us bro.” Or something like that.


AJ Wilcox on April 17, 2012 at 10:06 pm.

OK, officially leaving a comment because I want a picture of Jeremy Clarkson’s Ariel Atom, air-distorted face on my Droid.

Chance Hales on April 17, 2012 at 10:09 pm.

I actually just received my personalized debit and credit cards now featuring Porsche and Audi pics I took.  Wells Fargo is cool like that:P

Melvina on April 25, 2013 at 10:27 pm.

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