And a Happy Monday to you!

By | November 11, 2013


How’s everybody’s Monday??? Everyone have a good weekend?? Recovering from all the activities from the weekend?

Well, two videos should help with the transition from play to pay..

First up, Ken Block is back with another in his highly viewed Gymkhana Series. Released this morning, and no doubt riding on the coattails of Mr. Block’s win at Vegas in the GRC series.

And up next for you Corvette Racing fans, how about some footage of the team testing at Daytona? While the video isn’t the best (to be far, most spy video isn’t), the audio is intoxicating!! Crank it and crank it LOUD!! Thanks to YouTube user brendan007 for sharing this video!!!

Best or Worse Gymkhana?

Best or Worse sounding modern day race car?

Let us know below or on Facebook!

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