Here’s How Good Gran Turismo’s Graphics Really Are

By | March 6, 2014

In a recent article on Business Insider, the currently bankrupt Nurburgring was said to soon become the new acquisition of an American investment group. F-yeah!

For Daily Derbi readers, the Nurburgring is commonplace, known to anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to test their driving mettle. It’s also one of the most popular courses featured on many driving sims like Forza and Gran Turismo. Games that nowadays have such good graphics that it’s almost like you were really there at the racetrack in person, practically forgetting that it is, indeed, a video game. Which is exactly what Business Insider did today.

While going through the article’s photo gallery, which was clearly put together to give folks unfamiliar with The Green Hell a quick introduction, I noticed one photo looked ever so slightly out of place. This one actually:

Gran Turismo photo featured in Business Insider

Flickr / Falling Outside the Normal Moral Constraints

At first it took me a minute, but yes, this was actually a screenshot of a Mazda 787b blasting up the Fuchsröhre section of Germany’s most famous track from Gran Turismo 5.

Ladies and gents, that’s how good video game graphics now are. A screenshot from an in-game moment of a racing simulator on a PlayStation can now be mistaken for reality by even the most prestigious of online publications like Business Insider.

Also, the watermark in the top right is a dead giveaway.

C:\Users\Chad\Desktop\BI Mazda.png


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