Honda Confirms NSX Resurrection!

By | February 4, 2011

Black Honda NSX

Black Honda NSX at a RallySport Meetup

Hark ye, these words of good tidings: Honda is bringing back the bad-ass NSX! Today company president Takashi Ito said that Honda plans to jump-start the development of the supercar that put the company on the map for performance; not a moment too soon in our opinion.

Back in 2005, Honda killed the NSX because of dwindling sales. Then, due to the terrible economy, Honda preceded to kill their brilliant S2000 in 2009. With the exception of the Civic Si line, the company was left with very little in the way of performance vehicles. Looks like that will soon be a thing of the past! As is the usual with these type of stories, further details are nowhere to be found. Time frame? Nope. Pricing? Nadda. What we do know is that since the NSX left the scene six years ago, the list of supercar newcomers has grown significantly, and better newcomers is what took the original NSX out of the game. This list includes the very modestly priced yet amazing Nissan GT-R, so in our eyes, look at that to be Honda’s benchmark.

[Chad Waite, Japanese Exotic Car via Autoblog]

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