How To Throw Off Your Girlfriend’s Autocross Times

By | July 11, 2013

Autocrossing is an affordable, fun, and safe way to race your car.  It is just you on the track and against the clock.  It is also a great way to meet new people, hangout with fellow car enthusiasts and in some cases strengthen relationships.

Meet Jake and Maggie.  They have been racing their BMW E36 together for the last two years with Maggie herself helping to build it.  She recently installed the new clutch for the car herself.  Jake and Maggie were participating at an autocross event in Boston.  Jake was at the helm and Maggie beside him as his co-driver.  Jake appears to be doing pretty well when suddenly he pulls the hand brake and steers the car causing it to spin to a stop.  Why would he do that in the middle of the course?  Jake proceeds to pull his helmet off and undo his safety harness.  It isn’t looking good…  Maggie is looking confused and then she realizes what is going on.  Jake is kneeling on the drivers seat with a ring out asking her to marry him!  She takes her helmet off and undoes her harness and says yes!

They slowly drive the rest of the course back to the paddock excited as ever!  When they get back Maggie simply says, “You screwed up my times for the rest of the day!”  And that ladies and gentlemen is how you throw off your girlfriend’s lap times.

*Note* We think she was merely impressed with his wicked e-brake turn.  According to Jeremy Clarkson, a peacock has its feathers to impress the female.  A teenage boy has the handbrake!

Source: Jake Wile via YouTube

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Chad Waite on July 11, 2013 at 10:55 am.

That was fantastic. I’m also blown away that he was able to drive so well right before he proposed. That’s focus if I’ve ever seen it.

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