In Conversation: Bruno Carneiro

By | May 12, 2015

Bruno Carneiro

Bruno Carneiro

Around the beginning of the year, I was introduced to a 15 year old young man named Bruno Carneiro. Don’t let his age fool you. He’s every as serious about racing as must adults! He has an interesting backstory about his involvement and upward movement in racing. Something I felt you, the fine readers of Daily Derbi, might enjoy.

So arrangements were made and photo shoots were scheduled.

What follows is an email interview between myself and Bruno, with only slight editing for spelling and grammar.

Bruno, thanks for joining us today. Why don’t we start with giving our readers an idea of how you got started in racing?

Hi, guys, thank you for having me! I began racing when I was only 4 1/2 years old! I have always watched racing and love understanding how race cars work and the speed and the science behind it! I would constantly watch Formula One and IndyCar races with my dad and remember being continually fascinated by it! I would always play with my Matchbox cars or my Hot Wheels and create tracks as well as different racing series, and also I remember making car noises with every car I played with. At the time, my aunt and my dad both worked for Rodizio Grill. When my dad would have meetings with the staff and the founder of Rodizio Grill, I would sometimes have to go and listen. While I was there, I really had nothing to do, so I would get the salt-and-pepper shakers and begin to make race tracks on the restaurant tables. I would have the salt become one racing team and have the pepper be another! If not that, I was always mimicking race-car noises in my head and pretending to be driving one. Ivan Utrera, who is the founder of Rodizio Grill, noticed how I constantly thought about it  and had a passion for racing! He was very intrigued and interested by how much I thought about racing and how much I loved it. He went and bought me my very first go kart!! I began to do test and compete in the local UKC (Utah Karting Championship) races! I was very fast from the start and, in my first season, I won 23 of the 24 races! People began to see I was doing pretty good! And that is how it all began; after 11 years, here I am now!

Tell us more about your karting school.

My karting school is a very fun and unique school that I have built with the fundraising that I have been doing for seven years. It was time for me to find new pats on how I could not only help and give back to the sport of racing, but also have a different way for me to raise money! In my karting school, I work one-on-one with kids between the ages of four all the way until adults, working on getting the correct lines, acceleration, braking, safety of karting, and having the basic understandings of driving a go-kart! I currently have four karts, which are dedicated to the karting school! I am proud to say that I have saved up the money that I made last year with my karting school and I have put it into giving back to the sport by sponsoring the four-cycle classes in the 2015 UKC season!

What do you like the most about running in a Star Mazda open-wheel car?

What I love about my Formula Mazda is that it is one of the best cars to start out in and learn in! It is a five-speed manual, so I have the opportunity to be able to master using the clutch and driving an H-pattern car! Not only that, but the Formula Mazda also has a great sense of weight transfer since it is such a soft car, which is vital to understand and master! Not only that, but I get to sense speed on the straight and through the corners! It is a great car to move into and learn from!

Why did you decide to switch from karts to open-wheel cars?

I have always loved the beauty of an open-wheel! In karts, you get to sit very low to the ground when in the seat, and I am able to process this over when I am in the Formula car as well! It has also been shown that if you can drive an open-wheel car well, then you can do well in many other types of racing cars!

What, or whom, inspires you to keep pushing in racing?

Ayrton Senna is a hero and an icon to many people! He was an impressive man that was very quick on track as well as a very humble and inspiring man off the track! He created charities to help struggling kids in Brazil and always did things for the better! Ivan, who is the founder of Rodizio Grill, is also a very inspiring person I look up to because of how far he has come in his life by creating such an amazing life! He is an amazing person who I would like to be like in the future! But for sure a person that pushes me has to be my dad! He is always behind me pushing me on to do great things and making sure I’m doing as much as I can to have my dreams come true! Although we fight a lot like in any relationship, he is always pushing me on and motivating me so I can achieve success!Where do you see yourself in five years from now? How about 10 years?In five years from now, I see myself being in the Road to Indy! I have always wanted to be in the Mazda Road to Indy! It is an amazing ladder system that can take a driver all the way from an entry-level to a middle-level car (USF2000) to the Pro Mazda Car, to Indy Lights to the pinnacle of it all, IndyCar! I hope to see my self racing in IndyCar in 10 years! It’s always been a dream! But if I get there all depends on how hard I work now to make it happen!

How easy was it for you to transfer from karts to open-wheel? What has been the biggest obstacle so far?

Bruno Carneiro - vertical

The karts really taught me a lot by understanding how the kart/car is reaching on track and to changes that have been done! Thanks to karting, I learned so much and I believe that it is the reason for why I am doing well in the cars! I would have to say that my biggest obstacle is being able to fully master the gearbox! But I enjoy every bit of it. This is the beginning and I can’t wait for the future that’s to come!

What advice would you give to anyone interested in becoming a racer?

As it applies to any sport, once you commit yourself, you need to make sure you do as much as you can to stay dedicated in what it is you want to become! A great idea for getting started is trying out karts to see if you become interested! It is always good to look for help, advice and even do classes (that I offer) to help further your understanding of karting! From then on, it’s just getting more help on driving and making sure that you get as much time in the kart to get really well used to it and create a connection with your kart! After that, begin looking for series or programs that are available nearby! I race in the Utah Kart Championship here in Utah and it’s fantastic! Do as many races as you can and most importantly do well so you can get noticed and have the potential to get noticed, possibly get sponsored and even move up in the world of motorsports!

How important do you consider social media for “up and coming” and established racers?

Social media has become the pinnacle of our generation! So many people have social media accounts and check them constantly! It has been a great way for me to reach out to new fantastic people and build friends that have supported me along my many years of racing! They are always there commenting and liking to help me out and I can’t thank them enough!

For those readers interested in following your journey, what social media platforms to you post to on a regular basis?

I have many different types of social media that I post a lot on keeping all my followers updated on my new exciting adventures! My Facebook is Bruno Carneiro Motorsports! My Instagram is @brunocarneiro21 and my Twitter is @brunokarting This is a great way to stay updated on how everything is going!

I think that wraps it up, again, thanks for spending some time with us!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come and talk with you guys!

Bruno Carneiro

[photos | Scott Pettett | Mike Gillilan]


AJ Wilcox on May 13, 2015 at 12:18 am.

I absolutely LOVE that Rodizio is a sponsor of your car, Bruno! What an awesome story about the founder buying you a kart!

JOHN HENRICHSEN on May 14, 2015 at 9:30 am.

Bruno… i believe you have the desire and talent to go to the top in the racing world…go for it!

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