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How To Cave In Tunnels With A Ferrari 599 GTO

By | January 14, 2011

We’ve seen the Ferrari 599 GTO is spy shots. We’ve seen it in real life at last year’s SEMA. Hell, we’ve even seen it under a huge pile of snow, somewhere where no Ferrari, let alone a 599 GTO, should be. Now comes video footage of a place we’ve never seen Maranello’s fastest and most […]

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Pic ‘O The Day: Ferrari 599 GTO, 458 Italia & Lambo Gallardo Superleggera

By | November 5, 2010

A Ferrari 599 GTO, 458 Italia, and Lamboroghini Gallardo Superleggera all within twenty feet of each other on the Giovanna Wheels display floor at SEMA . Private alone time with the cars was not allowed… Pretty hot, no?┬áTalk amongst yourselves. [Chad Waite]

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Ferrari 599 GTO Returns In All Of Its 700HP Glory

By | March 8, 2010

It’s back! A few days ago we saw the first spy shots of the new Ferrari 599 GTO, a car that should be nothing short of spectacular and damn pricey. Now new pictures of the Italian thoroughbred at its home stomping ground in Maranello have surfaced all over the intertubes. The pictures don’t reveal any […]

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Ferrari Releases Their ‘Fastest Ever Road-Going’ Car – The 599 GTO

By | April 8, 2010

Maranello awoke this morning to the joyful ringing of bells celebrating the reveal of Ferrari’s latest creation- the 599 GTO. We’ve been keeping our eye on this beast for a while and are glad to finally see the finished product. The 599 GTO is a slightly filtered road going version of the 599XX track car […]

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Forget the Ferrari 599 Hybrid, bring on the GTO!

By | February 20, 2010

***Please read our open letter to the producers of Top Gear USA*** Yeah, the news of Ferrari planning to debut their 599 hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show is disheartening to say the least. But with this sour comes some sweet as the first spy shots of Ferrari’s performance version of the 599, called the […]

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Blip: Ferrari’s Upcoming F620 Will Be Unveiled At Geneva

By | February 8, 2012

Ferrari’s exceptional 599 will be retired soon and its successor will officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Bitter and sweet all at the same time, but the 599 has lived a good life since first being produced in 2006 and spawning numerous spin-offs like the SA Aptera and the GTO, a powerhouse […]

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