Irony: Thy Name is Lexus

By | November 12, 2010

Broken Lexus IS 300

While on our way back to the hotel after an amazing show that was this year’s SEMA, we found ourselves in a bit of a traffic jam. This was fine by us as we were surrounded by hundreds of SEMA show cars trying to make it to their respective enclosed trailers. -(video coming soon!)

As we inched closer to the strip we finally saw the culprit behind the 6 block delay, the highly modified Lexus IS pictured above. We wouldn’t normally give a second thought to a sight such as this but it was the poor broken Lexus’s (Lexi? Lexun? Lexuseses?) license plate that made it a story.

Something tells us this guy wasn’t “LMAO” after breaking down in the middle of the road causing us all to be just a little bit late for our delicious buffets. We found ourselves “ROFL” as we drove on!

[Brandon Christiansen]

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