Jalopnik (Possibly) Reveals 2014 Corvette

By | November 14, 2011

The next-gen C7 Corvette has gone through the rumormill time and time again despite its official launch being scheduled well over a year away (yes, we’re still bitter about it not being mid-engined). But perhaps the biggest rumor came today in photo form when Ray Wert over at Jalopnik unveiled a rendering of what he is calling “absolutely the next-generation Chevy Corvette in ZR1 trim.”

The thing is, the two renderings certainly don’t look like some two-bit design job and actually heavily echo many GM styling cues from the Camaro and the angular designs of new Cadillac vehicles. Naturally, GM is denying that these pictures hold any water, but it’s not like Jalopnik to make such a big deal out of a story like this, including a preface post about the reveal and several post-article posts furthering “proving” that it’s real. Say post too many times and it starts to sound weird.

Anyways, the biggest question that is probably on your mind right now is where exactly did Ray Wert get the information to come up with these photos? We’re not going to be e-vultures and steal their images, so hop over to Jalopnik to see the pics and get the details behind the renderings.


AJ Wilcox on November 14, 2011 at 4:36 pm.

Classy move. I would have e-vultured :)

Paul on November 20, 2011 at 4:44 pm.

Call me crazy but I think GM is planning something big…really big. I think the next corvette WILL be a mid engine car. I say this because of the following:
1) Corvette has maxed out the potential of their front engine design. The rear engine design would bring with it performance and handling capabilities that were not possible with a front engine design.
2) GM has stated the C7 will be “completly different.” People are assuming that the difference will come from an all new exterior design. I don’t think GM is willing to make a radial change in the outward appearance of the vette. This change would be far too risky. Instead, I have a gut feeling, a real big gut feeling that they are planning an evolutionary design, staying with the C3 shark look similar but sharper than the current C6 design and that the big change will be the mid engine layout. I think the Jalopnik renderings are indeed close.Therefore, I think the current B-piller design with the bubble glass will absolutely be gone…it is WAY too dated at this point and moving into the future (…and by the way would look horrible with a rear engine design).
3) Like I said, I think the Jalopnik renderings are close to what the C7 will look like. If you look at it, notice all the vents incorporated into the rear. Corvette knows, as well as all exotic car makers of today, that fake non functional vents are tacky as hell and would NEVER incorporate them if they were not functional. The rear vent on top of the rear quarter as well as the vents on the rear bumper are all functional and incorporated to help the engine breath and cool.
4) A rear engine design will push performance and handling figures above that of porsche GT models and ferrari racers. This is the C7 benchmark. They have given porsche all they could handle with the C6 however the cars grip and cornering was not on par with the porsche. The C6, while very capable, was very hard to keep on the road, especially at high speeds. GM could not keep all that HP to the ground. The rear engine design, better dimentions, and improved tech will change all this for the C7.
5) The next base corvette will cost between $80,000-$90,000 and the mid engine design and world class interior will make people perceive this as a bargin dispite the price hike. Fianlly, there will only be two corvette models to choose from. For example, you will have a choice between only the base model which will be a world class car in its own right, and a race track enspired model stripped of luxury touches to save weight and improved downforce (think lambo
superleggera, Porsche RS models).

You heard it here first

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