James May: “Top Gear Is Not Going Away”

By | June 7, 2011

James May Top Gear

There’s nothing quite like a media brouhaha. It’s funny how even a small comment uttered in passing can be blown up to¬†gargantuan¬†proportions if the person who said it is even somewhat in the limelight. Such was the case when James May commented to the Daily Telegraph that “it would be nice if Top Gear went out with a massive bang“, which, for whatever reason, was thought to mean Top Gear was being taken off the air.

Try and bridge that gap.

Of course, a speculative title like “Top Gear No More?!” was far too good of a line for a number of media outlets to pass up and the rumor quickly spread that Top Gear was indeed in dire straights.

In turn, James May addressed this rumor by basically dismissing it over Absolute Radio, saying that he didn’t say that Top Gear was on its way out, rather that the show can’t last forever with James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond as the show’s three hosts. Can’t argue that point. In fact, May even points out that they’re yet again in the middle of filming another season, specifically an episode where the hosts do a segment on their vision of the future of public transportation. Fan-bloody-tastic!

Hear the quick dismissal of the rumors in the words of James May himself in the video below, and fear not readers, for Top Gear shall go on:

[Chad Waite]

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