Jeff Gordon And Pepsi Max #TestDrive2

By | February 27, 2014

We automotive journalists can be pretty skeptical cats.  It’s no surprise that there were a few eyebrows knitted when Jeff Gordon, disguised as your average minivan driving, middle class American, took a car salesman on the ride of his life.  Cursing and issuing threats to the undercover Gordon, the captive salesman held on for dear life as Jeff Gordon throttled a Chevrolet Camaro through a vacant industrial yard.  Is that even legal?

One editor of Jalopnik, Travis Okulski kind of thought it was just a fake.  Like those reality TV shows that aren’t actually reality.  Okulski voiced his opinion and even had a few articles pointing out little pieces of the commercial where he thought proved it.  Turns out, it was a little bit fake.  This bothered NASCAR’s famous champ and he wanted to do it bigger and better.  So they contacted Okulski’s boss man and set up #Testdrive2, (aka ‘Revenge’).  The clip below is the result and it’s absolutely hilarious and absolutely legit.

Jeff Gordon is disguised as a taxi driver, who also happens to be an ex-convict with an apparent record of recent violations.  Driving a taxi version of the venerable Chevrolet Caprice, Gordon begins to get uncomfortable when a police officer tucks in behind him shortly after leaving the hotel parking lot.  Okulski becomes visibly uncomfortable when the police officer doesn’t get out of his car after pulling them over but instead asks to see their hands over the megaphone.  Unwilling to go back to the clink, Gordon hammers down and takes the cop on a high speed chase.  Panic ensues and Okulski attempts to kick in the protective glass between himself and Gordon.  Failure leads to telling the cabbie that running from the cops never works.  If he only knew who was behind the wheel.  Classic.


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