Jenson Button Attacked By Armed Robbers in Brazil, Modern Warfare 2 Proved Realistic

By | November 7, 2010

Jensen ButtonDo you remember the Brazil level in Modern Warfare 2? The one where you’re running around the streets of Rio de Janeiro and getting shot at in every alleyway and at every corner. Turns out that’s not too far off from reality. Just ask reigning F1 champ, Jenson Button.

According to the man himself, the car that he, his father, manager, and trainer were all traveling in after Saturday’s qualifying session for the Brazilian Grand Prix was attacked by six machine gun wielding robbers. Fortunately, the car Button was traveling in was bulletproof and driven by a professional trained police driver specializing in getting out of situations like that. And although no shots were fired in the end, it still probably scared the s#*% out of everyone on board though.

The driver of the armored car, provided by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes to Button because of situations exactly like this, was praised by the F1 legend as having done an excellent job getting them out and “bouncing off about five cars” on their way to safety. We’re wondering if the car was actually the debut of the Call Of Duty Wranger

[Chad Waite, The Internet]

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