Karting in Utah: Boondocks

By | May 20, 2010

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Following our reviews of Fast Karts and Miller Motorsports Park karts that both go over 40mph, we weren’t expecting too terribly much out of Boondocks in Draper, UT. Turns out we were dead wrong – Boondocks is a completely different animal and it’s a blast!

These karts totally bring out the kid in you. There are two-person and single karts and as you are passing strangers, or being passed, you work up rivalries. It’s amazing how worked up you can get when a punk 14-year old is trying to keep you from passing.

We understand that speed freaks in Utah County:

  1. Often have families
  2. Often don’t have time to drive up to Salt Lake or Tooele to get their fix

For these two problems, Boondocks is the cure.


If you have a young family, not everyone of young age will be able or willing to ride crazy fast karts.  Wives of these speed demons may also not be too excited about getting on a serious track with overly competitive guys. At Boondocks, you’ll find the perfectly happy medium. The karts go about 17mph, and the course is pretty technical. The milder folks will find it competitive with a fairly large number of karts on the track, always keeping it interesting. The speed-crazed racers will enjoy taking the perfect lines around each turn, perfecting their craft.

The Boondocks track is no boring oval – it’s an 1100 ft course with banked turns and altitude changes.This isn’t your grandma’s gokarting venue.

Here’s a satellite view of the track:


How often can you take a trip out to Salt Lake or Tooele? How much more often can you make it out to Draper? The truth is, sometimes it’s hard to justify the trip from Utah County to go to the faster places. It took us a little over 20 minutes to arrive at Boondocks right off the I-15 freeway – not to mention that it is good middle ground for when you happen to be traveling back from anywhere in Salt Lake County.

Best of Both Worlds

So you can save yourself some driving time, drive on a fun course, and have a lot of fun in the process. Besides, at the other places, when you’re done karting, what do you do? Your family and friends will likely enjoy batting cages, bumper boats, miniature golf, laser tag, or the full arcade at Boondocks.

Plus, we always make it a point to figure out the fastest kart at the venues we visit. If you’re looking to stick it to your buddies, make sure you hop in car #10. Also, shoot for a Tuesday night where you can get unlimited ride wristbands for all the karting, bumper boats, and lasertag you want for $17.

Feel free to watch this youtube video as well:


Boondocks of Draper – 801-838-9800
75 East South Fork Dr. Draper Utah 84020
East side of I-15 right at point of the mountain

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