Kirkham Motorsports Open House

By | February 23, 2013

SHelby Cobra Daytona CoupeNestled in Provo, Utah lies a hidden gem, the Kirkham Motorsports factory.  It isn’t so much a factory as it is a shop were they hand build aluminum bodied Shelby Cobra replicas.  The cars are built in the same way a Pagani is built, to order.  Kirkham Motorsports will build you a Cobra starting at around $80,000 and come in a variety of body types, 289, 289 FIA, 427, and the Daytona Coupe.  From there you have your choice of motors ranging from the 289ci V8 to monstrous 500ci+ V8s with 700hp.  You also have the choice of a variety of billet aluminum parts, most of which are machined on site.  The frame and bodies of the Roadsters are built in Poland and shipped to Provo while the Daytona is built entirely built here.

Kirkham Motorsports

On display in the shop were three completed cars and three in progress.  The cars in progress were all Roadsters.  Two of them were rather unique- one was right-hand drive, the other had a polished bronze body and had a big “cammer” V8 in it with a beautiful Weber fuel injected system.  This most interesting thing about it though is that it is the first automatic car they have built.  The client is a big collector(name withheld) and is only going to be showing the car and will only be driven on and off a trailer.  A sad life for such a beautiful car.

Kirkham Motorsports Cammer V8Of the completed cars there was an 289 FIA spec Cobra and a 427 Cobra.  The gem though was the recently completed Daytona Coupe.  It is the third one they have built, none of which remain in the States.  This 289 Daytona will be heading off to Russia.  It is a stunning car.  The suspension on this one is similar to the Corvette with a transverse leaf spring setup.  Performance details on most of the cars are unknown since all the cars are hand built and no two are the same.

Kirkham Motorsports Valve CoverWander to the back of the shop and you’ll find the big milling machines which are used to mill all the billet parts such as these gorgeous valve covers(above).  They also have a big plasma cutter, a monstrous tube bender for the exhaust systems, and a press for the body panels of the Daytona.  It is a very impressive place.

Kirkham MotorsportsLast year The Daily Derbi was invited to a track day put on by Kirkham Motorsports at Miller Motorsports Park.  Having seen the build process and ridden in a pair of Roadsters last year, we can attest to not only the craftsmanship that goes into the building the cars but also the performance of the product.  These cars are built with obsessive quality.  If you are looking for a Cobra but can’t afford a real one but also want a higher quality replica than the popular Factory Five and Superformance versions, give Kirkham a call.  You won’t regret it!  They are also debating on building Ford GT40 MK IV replicas.

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