KTM Unveils X-Bow ‘R’ W/ Audi DNA

By | September 26, 2010

KTM X-Bow RToday, KTM pull the curtain off their newest project their calling the X-Bow ‘R’. And in honor of the small car that was bred for the track, this post will be designed just like the X-Bow ‘R’: stripped down and light to give you only the essentials.

The ‘R’ denotes a massive power upgrade coming from an Audi S3 engine, boosting the standard base power of 237hp to an astonishing 300hp. And while that’s no Veyron SuperSport in terms of ponies, the X-Bow weighs just a mere 1,500lbs, giving it that power-to-weight ratio that is so common among track cars.

It should be available in a racetrack only version and a street legal model that would make any Lotus seem super practical. Prices, release dates and amount of hot girls it will attract are still unknown.

[Chad Waite, GTSpirit]

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