Lambo Truck & Parkour Ninja Jumping An NSX

By | September 8, 2011


Lamborghini Truck

We here at the DailyDerbi love the crazy and the bizarre in the automotive world. That’s why we present to you these two pieces of awesomeness.

First, we probably all know someone with a truck. We probably all also know a car enthusiast who stretched themselves too thin to buy their ride. This Lamborghini owner might be more of the latter. Lamborghini Gallardos aren’t trucks and shouldn’t be hauling mattresses, and we might be stating the obvious when we say that there are few situations when you can’t wait for a friend with a truck before you have to move a mattress. Who knows though? Maybe it was exactly one of those get-the-mattress-out-of-here-on-that-Lamborghini-and-you-win-a-million-dollars kinds of situations…

Then you have a guy who probably could have practiced with the mattress Lambo.

Holy crap, that dude’s got mad skills! We’ve seen people seriously injured doing this stunt, and Aaron pulls it off perfectly. Timing was perfect.

We all want to be professional parkour ninjas, and then throw an NSX into the mix and we’re in heaven.

We can’t wait to see what he jumps over next!

[ | Jalopnik | Youtube]

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