The Other Reason You Can’t Have The $3.4M Lamborghini Veneno

By | March 6, 2013

Lamborghini Veneno Front

Lamborghini unveiled their latest creation at the Geneva Auto Show that is as expensive as it is utterly preposterous. It’s called the Veneno, looks like arrived straight out of Megatron’s wet dream, and comes with all the typical Lamborghini elements including a massive V12 engine with 750hp, excessive carbon fiber use, and a $3.4 million price tag. Yes, that’s 34 followed by five zeros.

And if you think the outrageous purchase price is the bigger barrier to owning this car, well, you’d be wrong. Remember Lamborghini’s ultra-rare Sesto Elemento supercar that was limited to a run of a mere 20 production units? The Veneno makes the Sesto Elemento look like a Camry, with an “production” run of only three units, all of which have (surprise, surprise) been pre-sold to unnamed buyers.

So, what exactly does a three-unit, $3.4 million Lamborghini Veneno get you? Take one look at it and then try to ask that question again seriously. Unmissable are the massive side air intakes, the huge center fin that runs down the spine of the back half of the car (ala Audi R18 style), long sweeping headlights, and an aggressive front fascia that makes a cheese grater look timid. Each car will also be painted with one of the three colors of the Italian flag, making each Veneno truly unique.

And while it may look absolutely fantastic and be completely outrageous in a style only Lamborghini can pull off, is this really a car we can take seriously? Can it be added to the list of beloved and recognized Lamborghini vehicles that will stand the test of time? In other words, is it a “real” car? Or will it go down in the books as just another bizarre Italian motoring experiment like the Reventon and Sesto Elemento? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and check out the fantastic Autoblog gallery for more pictures.

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Chance Hales on March 6, 2013 at 10:28 pm.

The show car is the only one that will have all three colors on it. They are stripes. That said, there are technically four cars. The show car will likely be a Lambo Museum car in Sant’Agata.

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