Lamborghini Will Produce 20 Sesto Elementos

By | May 11, 2011

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

It looks like the jagged-in-so-many-areas Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept won’t remain as such much longer. Reports have circulated that Lamborghini will officially be producing their carbon-fiber superstar in an extra super mega ultra limited run of an almost laughable 20 units.

Why 20? Because that makes each Sesto Elemento very rare. And rare things come with unfathomably large price tags, and those tend to attract a very uncommon breed of customer that happens to have the spare $2.8 million required for investment in this sexy carbon fiber tub.

But the Sesto Elemento’s party trick isn’t the jaw dropping price- it’s the astoundingly low curb weight of just 2,200-pounds, or one and a half Kirstie Alleys. For comparison purposes, a 2011 Mazda Miata sports a relatively lean curb weight (although not when compared to the Lambo) of 2,410-pounds. This immense shedding of pounds is due primarily to the extremely liberal use of carbon fiber literally everywhere on the car, from the body panels to the chassis to the rubber on the tires. Ok, that last one was just to see if you were paying attention.

In case you need a refresher, the Sesto Elemento will be powered by the 5.2L V10 found in the Lamborghini Gallardo, although we’re willing to bet you’ll find a few more ponies underneath the hood for the price. So it’s light and it has 570+ horsepower engine powering it- what does that mean in terms of speed? The final production model is expected to do 0-60 in a mind-blowing, Veyron-esk time of 2.5 seconds. The top speed on the other hand…well, no one really knows just yet. Guess we’ll have to wait for some lucky rich bastard to find out for us. If you are a rich lucky bastard and have a Sesto Elemento that you’d like to let us drive, feel free to email us at

Oh ya- it’s not a street legal vehicle. Looks like we won’t be picking up chicks on State Street in this any time soon…


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