For The Love Of Z

By | May 11, 2014

$_57For as long as I can remember the Nissan Z has been one of my favorite rides on four wheels.  In high school, I would have donated an organ for a black on black Z32 Twin Turbo.  Better sense prevailed and I settled for a nice clean 4DSC Maxima in red.  I drove that car until I got married and loved every minute of it.

A year or two before the 350Z brought the Z marque back to the states I ran across an article in a magazine that had a concept of the next Z.  When the 350Z finally showed up in 2003 it was my dream car for several years running.  I have A.D.D and an OCD obsession with cars.  I’ve often been accused of having a different dream car every week.  While true, the Z’s have always been a very consistent one.

Datsun 240ZI’ve been known to make rash decisions when it comes to car buying.  I’ve lost money plenty of times and I even once flew across two states to drive home a 23-year-old Honda CRX SI that I’d never seen in person.  That trip was most memorable and while I did have to MacGyver my brakes 600 miles into a 1,000 mile trip, I’d do it again in a second.

The Z bug got the better of me a couple of weeks ago and I ended up winning a pretty clean 1971 Series 1 240Z on Ebay.  I’d always thought I’d own a 300Zx or a 350Z before I’d buy a 240Z but that long hood of the 240Z reeled me in.  Again, I’ll be flying to another state to drive home a car that I’ve not seen in person.  This time it’s half the distance but the car is twice as old.  Will it be twice as fun?  The CRX was smile inducing climbing the windy mountains near Flagstaff.  With a DOHC VTEC stolen from a JDM CRX and piped with a Megan racing exhaust it sounded great too.  The Z on the other hand is RWD and has independent suspension.  Not to mention, with the right pipes a straight six is about the best sounding thing in the world.

Five-Hundred and forty-four miles stand between my Z in Sacramento and home.  I’ll be sure to have a follow up on my arrival home.  Hopefully it’s free of Roadkill style improvisation but if it happens, at least there will be memories.

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Chance Hales on May 11, 2014 at 11:58 pm.

This will be exciting to follow.

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