SEMA 2012: The Bonkers Magnaflow Revolver Truck

By | November 2, 2012

Revolver Truck

In order to provide a competent, demonstrative answer to what they call “they ultimate question”, Magnaflow has brought to life their off the walls Revolver Truck for SEMA. Take a look at the photos and you’ll see an assembly mounted in the bed of a ’49 Chevy 3100 that closely resembles a revolver cylinder, fitted not with bullets but with four pairs of different Magnaflow mufflers.

To demonstrate the differences in sound for each model, the assembly revolves at the touch of a button and mounts two similar mufflers in place as an active part of the truck’s twin pipe exhaust. Bad. Ass.

Revolver Truck Original Napkin Sketch

The brainchild of Richard Waitas, Maganaflow’s senior manager, and Chip Foose, the Revolver came into being after Waitas quickly sketched down a concept drawing on an airplane napkin while thinking of out-of-the-box ideas to answer the question of sound. Foose then stepped in to take Waitas’ sketch and help make it a reality.

According to a Magnaflow rep at the booth, this truck “should be completely street legal” and works without a flaw when revolving between mufflers. We would happily show you that flawless action if Maganflow included a video in their press material- which they didn’t- or had the the truck running at SEMA- which they didn’t- so you will simply have to rely on these half-assed blurry iPhone 4S pictures to imagine what a revolving muffler rack would look like. Where’s Mike Gillilan when you need him….

Revolver Truck Profile


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