Man Lists Private Island On Craigslist Trade For Ferrari Enzo

By | September 3, 2013

Ferrari SupercarsLet’s say you were in the market for a Ferrari Enzo.  How would you go about finding one?  Would you hop online and check duPont Registry or James Edition?  Perhaps call your local Ferrari dealer and see if they know of any leads?  Or maybe you are just too lazy to put forth the effort.  Maybe you don’t even want to purchase one with money.

Well, a wealthy dude in Florida has decided that he doesn’t want to take the time to search for one and on top of that doesn’t want to pay for one either.  Instead, he’d rather trade it by listing it on Craigslist.  Well, that is all well and good but he doesn’t want to trade a car for it either.  This man happens to own a 3 acre private island just south of Daytona Beach.  It is currently uninhabited but has been approved to be built upon.  The value of said island is $1.2 million.  Now it should be said that it is not the whole island but is property on the island.  It is only accessible by boat making it possible to house your secret bat cave or Iron Man garage and keep your secret super hero identity unknown.

IslandIsland2Sadly, my sources say that the values of Enzos are currently around $1.5M-2M and are rising fast so this trade may not be a good bargain.  Then again, real estate values are on the rise as well.  You decide!

Photos: Top photo by Chance Hales.  Island photos unknown.

Sources:  Craigslist and

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