McLaren MP4-12C Has Price Tag Of One Ferrari 458

By | November 24, 2010

McLaren MP4-12CIt’s war yet again between the British and those feisty Italians as McLaren announced the official pricing of their upcoming MP4-12C. So what’ll take to get behind the wheel of one? A now “seems standard for a supercar” sum of $225,116 (according to current conversion rates), conveniently a mere $1000 cheaper than its chief rival, the Ferrari 458 Italia.

We don’t know what it is about the MP4, but amid all of the supercar options available, it just doesn’t appeal to us. The problem is, it should. It’s got the power- 592BHP from a 90-degree, twin-turbo’d V8- and McLaren says it’ll do 0-124 in a trouser-accident causing time of just 10 seconds. McLaren engineers even designed several elements of the car (the wheels, for example) purely around performance, saying, “to hell with what it looks like- is it the best it can be?” Production will be limited to 1000 units, so it’s certainly not the next Corolla or Civic.

Best yet, the entire car is new. There is no carried-over drivetrain from some other company or another vehicle. The chassis is completely unique and purpose-built for speed and handling. From an engineering (boring) standpoint, this car is a masterpiece of automotive art. It is everything we at the Daily Derbi look for in a performance supercar.

So, besides a name that screams “nerd” and not “sex”, why aren’t we smitten by the MP4-12C? We’ve no idea. What can be said is that when put next to a Ferrari 458 Italia, there’d be no hesitation in where our money would go. What’s the conversion rate for the Italian Iira again?

Ferrari 458 Italia

[Chad Waite, AutoCar]

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