Mehmet Okur Drives A Ferrari F430 Scuderia

By | May 16, 2011

Mehmet Okur's Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Despite closing out a hard season with the Utah Jazz that was slightly less than not-very-good-all, Mehmet Okur probably isn’t complaining right now. A reader sent us in this picture of a blackĀ Ferrari F430 Scuderia saying how just moments before he saw Okur climbing out to go to one of his favorite downtown SLC restaurants, the Atlantic.

Not a bad ride at all, but even the most spacious of Ferrari’s has to feel a bit cramped if you’re a freaking 6’11″ Turk. Previously, Okur drove a yellow F430, and while he still may own it, I don’t blame him for putting it on the shelf for a while and opting for a Scuderia.

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