Miller Motorsports Racing Instructors Taking SEMA Attendees Drifting

By | November 3, 2011

Miller Motorsports Park Mustangs

If you’re very familiar at all with the Daily Derbi, you’ll know that we love Miller Motorsports Park. When we travel to Las Vegas for the SEMA show, seeing the Miller folks is a little taste of home. That’s why we got so excited about what they were doing at SEMA 2011.

Last year, we covered their drifting event at SEMA, but this year it was even cooler. New to this year, the drifting track was larger as it was not shared with the SVT Raptor demo, and the Replay XD folks were out there filming each ride with their awesome HD racing cameras and sending the participants home with a copy on an SD card. Pretty slick, hu?

Here’s my ridealong with the racing instructor from this year. If you don’t have actuators in your chair, just imagine the G-forces as you’re being whipped around in their 4.6L Mustang performance driving school cars:

Afterwards, I had a little chat with Rob Nish, the marketing director for the Miller racing school, to ask about his goals with the event. He said that last year’s event was successful in driving performance driving school signups, but that first and foremost, this is awareness for Miller. We can imagine that as one of the longest and fastest tracks in the United States, awareness is keenly important for scheduling events.

Rob also reminded us that MMP is the ONLY Ford-approved performance driving school in the world, and Ford is happy to partner with them on these types of events. However you Miller guys do these awesome events, keep doing them! It was a blast to attend for all SEMA 2011 attendees – us included.

Here’s a look from outside the car:

[AJ Wilcox]

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Chad Waite on November 3, 2011 at 11:09 pm.

Only at SEMA could you do this. Definitely cool they’re trying to get more people in on the action, but man that was a short ride.

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