Mitsubishi Plans For Online Remote-Control Test Drives…Seriously

By | October 10, 2010

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2011 Mitsubishi Outlander SportTest drives have always been an essential element of car buying. But the age old problem (or at least since the late 90s) of having to leave your couch to take said test drives has plagued lazy Americans nationwide and Mitsubishi has had enough! Starting November 1st and going till the 10th, Mitsubishi will allow curious potential customer of their new 2011 Outlander Sport to take it for a spin using nothing but their web browser and online gaming reflexes.

We’re not joking. Seriously, if you want to sign up for the test drive, head over to on October 15th and put your name down.

Of course, even with the promotional video (see below) explaining the novel concept, there are a few obvious questions that have to be on everyone’s mind. How much room will you have to operate? What happens if you take a left hand turn and the open space that you thought would be there is actually a wall? Will there be any sort of backup safety systems? Can we drive it away and take it around a track (say real life Gran Turismo!)?

We’re sure all of these will be answered in what can only be a long, pre-drive orientation for every driver who signs up. But potential problems and boring orientations aside, this is a pretty freaking awesome way to get people excited about the traditional and predictable test drive. Will it work for Mitsubishi or will this lead to a bunch of remotely stolen Outlanders? We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Chad Waite, Autoblog]

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