NASCAR Announces 2015 Rule Changes

By | September 23, 2014

NASCAR in the RainNASCAR is almost taboo for us at The Daily Derbi.  Most of us aren’t the biggest of fans and would rather watch sports car racing like Tudor Sports Car Championship that are featured in our Racing Blips.  Today, NASCAR announced new rule changes for 2015 that will have a huge impact on the series, some of them so big that we had to share.  Of the 60 new rules, here’s what you need to know.  The biggest goal of the new rules is to increase the safety of everyone involved as well as slowing the cars down.  Rules for the cars will include the following:

-Reduction of horsepower to 725 via tapered spacer
-Roller valve lifters to replace flat valve lifter
-Lower rear differential gear ratios targeting 9,000 RPM
-Rear spoiler adjustment to 6 inches high (2014 height: 8 inches)
-Optional driver adjustable track bar
-38-inch wide radiator pan
-Minimum vehicle weight drops 50 lbs. via ballast reduction (2014 weight:  3,300 w/o driver)
-Updated qualifying formats for all tracks

Private testing is now banned and is only allowed at Goodyear/NASCAR events where teams are invited.

The biggest announcement is racing on road courses, such as Sonoma and Watkins Glen, will now be allowed in the rain with rain tires, wiper blades, a defogger, and rear flashing lights.

The other changes include various items such as new parts approvals and automated pit lane officiating.

The press release from NASCAR can be found here and more info on the rules can be found here.

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