New Car Company Vygor Is Anything But InVygorating

By | October 4, 2011


Ha! What a clever title.

It would seem that the automotive world’s latest trend is to start a new, obscure car company that no one has heard of and start boasting in weird ways that your car will be the best thing since the ‘Shit Happens’ tee shirt. Eterniti recently did just this when they claimed in a promotional video that their Hermera SUV was like “a storm of limitless force that will hit you”…um…no thanks. The point is, we all know how that turned out. The Hermera just turned out to be a chubby, rebadged Porsche Cayenne injected with a lot of steroids- hardly something I’d like to be hit by.

As weird as that it is, it apparently inspired a number of other folks as yet another unknown car company has surfaced calling themselves Vygor (said like vigor). Wanna know something about their new car pictured above? Hey, so do we! Instead, all we got was the following press release that would even make the Eterniti marketing division look like organized, thought-out pros. Keep in mind this is totally real and completely, 100% untouched by us:

Power of emotion

Vygor was born in Tuscany, a land rich in works of art and emotions.

Vygor is the emotion to see a unique work of art challenging the road with proud eyes, the body sinuous like a feline and the elegance of a dream…

an emotional car, like a windblow in the skin, like a thrill of sudden pleasure which takes your breath away…and unleashes emotions…

the emotion to hear the thunder of the engine which is pure adrenalin, aggressive and biting as you have always dreamt but also mild as silk…

the emotion of touching a panther…

the emotion of taming the power…

…sinuous like a feline? I’m sorry, but what? We’re pretty sure that the words ‘sinuous’ and ‘feline’ don’t really go together that well. For once, we’re at a total lack of words. All we know is that the car pictured above doesn’t sport some serious feline lines, but rather a front fascia that is eerily similar to big, baggy eyelids.

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AJ Wilcox on October 4, 2011 at 9:58 pm.

LOL, it’s straight out of a Danielle Steele novel, I guarantee.

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