New Lancia Stratos To Have GT2 Sister!

By | November 30, 2010

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Lancia Stratos GT2Here’s a simple rule: all great supercars have a race-only counterpart that is meant strictly for track use. The brand new, totally custom, and ever-so-sexy Lancia Stratos and its owner, Michael Stotschek,┬áhaven’t forgotten this rule and reports are surfacing that a GT2 version of the car is in works. In other news, sex is now boring.

Seriously though, just take a moment and look at this rendered version of what a possible racing version of the Stratos could be like. All modifications would be done to meet GT2 specifications and this car would likely see a lot of track time in every corner of the world. Hey Miller Motorsports Park- what say we petition Stotschek to come to beautiful Utah, eh?

Of course, the original Stratos of yore was a machine that found itself home on loose gravel and rally courses rather than anything paved. But with the chassis and V8 of a Ferrari F430 under that beautiful skin, the new Stratos isn’t likely to be seeing any dirt or off-road hill climbs anytime soon. Doubly so with a GT2 version.

In the end, reports are reports and this one could hold no water. But consider this: these photos were created by Amalgam, a high-end and freaking expensive car model manufacturer, and they’re already planning for a die-cast version of the Stratos GT2. Could that be enough proof that Stotschek and his Stratos are going GT2 for real? We’ll let you make up your mind on that one.

Lancia Stratos GT2

[Chad Waite, Autoblog]

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