New Jeremy Clarkson Movie Teaser Shows Exactly Why Every Guy Wants To Be Him

By | October 10, 2011

Powered Up Jeremy Clarkson

In an Australian news program interview with Jeremy Clarkson last year, the Top Gear icon with really bad teeth said that having ambitions is total rubbish. According to him, if you have ambitions and achieve them, then you’ve only just reached your goal and nothing more. If you don’t fulfill your ambitions then you’re a total failure. However, not having ambitions, he points out, eliminates both of those options so that anything you do in life is automatically a success.

It’s an ironic shame then that pretty much any guy who has ever seen an episode of Top Gear now has a burning ambition to become Jeremy Clarkson.

And why do we want to be him? This trailer for his newest personal, other Top Gear host-less motoring movie he’s calling “Powered Up” should provide a very clear answer:

[Chad Waite]

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