Old People Get Sad: This Is The New Cadillac XTS

By | November 9, 2011

Cadillac XTS

That good looking piece of metal and rubber is the XTS, Cadillac’s brand new flagship (car talk for “massive”) vehicle. It wasn’t supposed to be released for a little while longer, but after an accidental publishing on Cadillac’s homepage and a quick screengrab by a Jalopnik reader, it’s basically been launched. And taking just one quick look at the thing shows that Cadillac’s reputation for building motorized whales that served as luxurious pre-coffin coffins for old people has pretty much gone out the window.

It’s been confirmed that the car in the picture is in fact the production version, and I’m thinking it’s a pretty damn good looking sedan. It’s so radically different from the Cadillacs that my grandpa fell in love with that I see the XTS being about as appealing to him as a one night stand with Snookie is to me. And that’s not a lot. Well done, Cadillac, well done.


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