Only in Russia: Going in Reverse to Get Around Traffic Jams

By | April 14, 2011

russians reversing around traffic jam

Tally this one under the heading, ‘Only in Russia‘.

Have you ever been stuck in a line of cars while traffic isn’t moving and thought, “Man, what can I do to get around this?” Our comrades in Russia have this angle covered.

If traffic is still moving the opposite way, just get going the opposite way, and then reverse past the accident.

And no, while you’re watching the video, it was not filmed in reverse…those are cars driving in reverse. They’re pretty dang good at it too, replete with lane changes and near misses with the trucks going the correct direction.

We can’t even fathom the excuse these people would give to the cops if they got caught…”I decided I left something back there, so I was going back to get it?” Actually, we do know what our reaction would be – “Sorry officer, it wasn’t our fault. In Soviet Russia, car drive me!”

We have to give them credit. They are getting to their destination much faster. We just keep thinking this wouldn’t ever fly in the US.

[AJ Wilcox | Autoblognik]

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Chad Waite on April 14, 2011 at 6:26 pm.

Que the “In Russia…” jokes.

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