Only in Utah: Stupid Criminal Fail

By | January 27, 2011

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suspect bail fail

In our previous only in Utah posts, we’ve featured mostly women – drunk, naked, or otherwise. It’s nice to have representation from the male spectrum, as we traditionally revere the fair sex.

So much of what this criminal did was smart, and so much was stupid. We’re so conflicted!

Nicholas Duffy, a 20-yr old with several outstanding warrants got picked up in Sandy, UT by police. On his trip to the clink, he did one of the smartest things – he pretended to be sick so the officer would roll down the back window. Then he made the escape.

The stupid part? It appears he made his break for it as the cop was cruising along on a straight. Add that to the fact that he was wearing cuffs behind his back, and bailed face first. OUCH! A 30mph bail is not one we wish on anyone.

After a short stint in the hospital to recoup from the OUCH, he was taken to jail.

The transporting officer was seen high-fiving; whereas before he was face-palming.

Hey Nicholas, next time try bailing during a right hand turn. It minimizes face rash.

Here’s the vid:

[AJ Wilcox | Jalopnik]

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