Opinion: Ferrari And The Divide That Is Jeremy Clarkson

By | January 29, 2011

Jeremy Clakrson

If you’ve ever written a blog post or a paper or an article of any sort, you know that the overall topic and point of the article will sometimes morph into something unintended than when you first started writing it. Somehow the content just take its own route.

Case and point: this article started off as an opinion piece on how the FF is Ferrari’s very own Yoko Ono. Just take a look at the thing. The engine is in the wrong place, it seats four, and now all wheels are now putting down power- all elements that are completely opposite of Ferrari’s latest ‘loved-by-all’ superstar, the 458 Italia.

Beyond the technical stuff, it’s also hard to claim the FF is anything but offensive in the looks department. I, of course, am no designer and the creative side of my brain reached its apex in my 3rd grade ceramics class. Pinch pots are my thing. That lack of ability then, shows the severity of the any situation where I label something ugly. When Ferrari sat down to develop the FF, someone must have sold the design to the entire group of engineers by saying “we’ll set a trend by taking something really good and then paring it with something bad!” Kinda like paring TV with baseball, children with Lindsay Lohan, or, in the case of the FF, the front end of a Corvette Z06 and the butt of an AMC Pacer.

Ferrari FF

To prove my point on how the FF represents the diluting of the car world’s purest breed, I wanted to turn to quotes from Ferrari’s founder, Mr. Enzo Ferrari. It was a well known fact that Enzo held a certain distaste for his clients that bought his cars for purposes that didn’t involve racing. He believed that because his vehicles were laser focused on going around corners and blitzing straights, they should be used in that manner. Such was his distaste that he is even quoted as saying “This client is not always right”, a simple six-word sentence that completely reverses the all-to-common mentality of the retail world as we know it today. The FF shows that Ferrari didn’t get Enzo’s message. Only clients who use their Ferrari for filling a far too visible valet spot at the Gateway Mall want that Ferrari with all-wheel-drive. The client is not always right.

But that’s all besides the point, because when I was searching for quotes from Enzo, I accidentally discovered an article on the 48 best quotes from a man that, in my opinion, has been arguably more influential on the motoring world than even the great Enzo Ferrari. Surprise, surprise, it’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Now before you shut your laptop in disgust that I’ve just taken five minutes of your time ranting about Ferrari only to lead you to yet another article of us praising this British Top Gear host…well….ok, that does sound pretty unfair when put that way, so I’ll make this quick. My best efforts to hide my laughter at my very quite office at work aside, the ’48 Best Of’ article (which, if you haven’t gathered this yet, is really very funny) ┬ámade one thing clear: the divide between Jeremy Clarkson (not Top Gear) and any other TV show about cars is very large. Think ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife’ large. In fact, in just 48 quotes from Clarkson you can sum up everything that competing shows like Fifth Gear and Top Gear USA are trying to become.

The thing about that article that I find hardest to believe is that I’m laughing so hard at something that isn’t meant to be in type. I’d imagine that it’s hard enough to consistently produce new material that is genuinely funny it in front of a camera, but to then have it transfered to a totally different medium and have it still tickle you in all the right places (TSA motto maybe?) screams true comedic genius. Genius that can’t and won’t be matched by any other show no matter how hard they try.

It’s Jeremy’s natural comedic character that makes him such a powerhouse in the automotive world. Like the Harry Potter books were to cell-phone addicted teens, Clarkson was and is able to bring people into the automotive world that many couldn’t care less for, otherwise known as girls. But at the same time he is able to entertain and educate veteran car lovers worldwide. Many know the name Enzo Ferrari, but many more love the name Jeremy Clarkson.

Ferrari, the client is not always right. But Jeremy Clarkson is.

Here is the article on the best Jeremy Clarkson quotes.

[Chad Waite]


Kirill Yelkin on February 5, 2011 at 1:57 am.

Chad! I love reading your articles! You have the wittiest sense of humor! Even though i disagree with you on the esthetic evaluation of FF, your remerk about 3rd grade ceramics and definition of ugliness is the best! :) Now as for the FF’s purpose and the purpose Enzo intended, have you ever considered that perhaps Ferrari wants to give busy parents a machine from heaven to race their kids to school on time in any sort of climate and driving condition?! loln

David Rapalyea on June 1, 2013 at 1:26 pm.


I wanted to test drive a Ferrari for a long time simply to find out “What is a Ferrari?.” Donald Trump might get to test drive one, but the only way I could do so was to buy one. So I bought one of the most unloved Ferrari cars of all time. A 1986 Mondial. I learned all I needed to know on my serious test drive home from the Walmart parking lot where it was delivered.

Mr. Ferrari was apparently all throughout the car in gossamer threads. But Fredrico Fellini was in the passenger seat. So now the pretty little unloved Mondial can, late at night, be heard in the faint distance all the way up Blood Mountain from Cleveland Georgia. A road upon which I have NEVER been passed.

Even by the two wheeled oriental crotch rocket driver who resigned on the last three second straight into a sharp right hander. Everyone loves power, but winners know their brakes.

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