Photo Of The Day: Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum

By | July 11, 2012

Lexus LFA vs Honda Insight Hybrid

This last weekend I was out in southern California for a wedding. When thinking of going to down to SoCal, most people will get excited over the prospect of a beach or warm weather and sunshine or a number of other typical things that you’d expect an out-of-state tourist would want to experience. For me, I look forward to the insane car watching opportunities, specifically in the Newport area.

I can’t say I know of too many other place where Bentleys are commonplace and there are more 911s than Camrys per mile of PCH. I even saw my first MP4-12C and all-black Lamborghini Aventador, a car that is so pointy from every angle that it would simply mince a deer like a food processor should it ever hit one. I also saw a black Lexus LFA, which is where the photo in the title of this post starts to come it.

It all happened at the valet station at the P.F. Chang’s in San Diego where, upon driving by, I instantly noticed a beautiful black LFA sitting front and center by the main entrance where even the most non-car-minded 45 year old women walking by it would exclaim, “what a cute car.” Indeed.

Obviously, my iPhone camera was out in about 5 seconds and shooting all angles of a car that is so far better looking in person, it’s almost pointless to try and put it in writing. But after a couple minutes of a typical “petrolhead with a camera” situation, a customer pulled up for valet parking right next to the LFA in an original Honda Insight with a license plate reading “♥85 MPG”.

Just like the two yellow Cameros crashing, this pairing of a Lexus halo car and a hybrid heavyweight was one of those quick ripples in the automotive space continuum that produced one of the most ironic photos of all time.

And in case you wanted to see the LFA in all it’s glory and free of all hybrid companions, take a look at the incredibly amature photo below.
Black Lexus LFA


Chance Hales on July 11, 2012 at 12:14 am.

This is hands down one of the best looking cars on the market today. I love all its angular, yet flowiness. one of my favorite things about itis how functional everything is all the way down to the lines on the hood channeling air to the gap between the A-pillar and side mirrors. This car is as much a technical masterpiece as it is a sculpture. And don’t forget the awesomeness of the world’s first production hybrid!

Matthew Davis on July 11, 2012 at 7:59 am.

Definitely agree… and it’s sound is amazing.

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