Photo: Poor Planning Leads To DD-Sized Livery On Campaign Bus

By | March 21, 2012

Danielle Smith Bus Livery

This photo doesn’t need much explaining to figure out why it’s funny. What might be helpful in this case is some background information on why you’re looking at two bus tires placed directly over Canadian political candidate Danielle Smith’s…well, you know.

It’s starts with Smith, who is currently¬†campaigning¬†for a spot in Alberta’s Wildrose party (sounds pleasant, no?), and the tour bus used by her and her team. To get some free exposure in what is essentially a traveling billboard, the team opted to wrap it in a large livery featuring a closeup of Smith, eventually approving the design that is pictured above. Mission accomplished, right?

What they didn’t count on was the quick access immature 15-year-olds everywhere had to the photo of the bus and its wheels essentially covering Smith’s….well, you know. Not surprisingly the photo quickly went viral and prompted a design change for the bus’ livery.

Outside of being a bit embarrassing, it likely shouldn’t hurt Smith’s campaign. The Wildrose party have also hinted that something like this wouldn’t have happened if the candidate was a male. Um…right… With the right placement, two round wheels could definitely look like a guy’s…well, you know.

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