In Photos: 2014 NASA Utah Region Round 6

By | October 14, 2014

2014 NASA Utah Region Round 6

2014 NASA Utah Region Round 6

Welcome to another WET and rainy NASA Utah event held at Miller Motorsports Park. To be fair to mother nature, it was a great day to go racing the following day!

And this was the 2nd to last round of the series (insert “crying eyes” emoticon here).

I could go on and on about how NASA Utah is great for getting that all important seat time. How NASA Utah is great for getting experience in your car at an HPDE event. And it still is! Not only that, it’s still some of the best value for your racing buck! And I’ll say again, those interested in taking the “next step” should seriously look what NASA Utah has to offer.


The last event is this weekend. IF YOU HURRY, you can still register -> HERE!

So bookmark NASA Utah’s page to keep on eye on other upcoming events and events next season!

Round 6 results can be found here.

And again, thanks to fine folks at Miller Motorsports Park for their help!

[photos | Scott Pettett | Mike Gillilan]

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