In Photos: 2014 NASA WERC Round 4

By | September 6, 2014

Start of the WERC

Start of the WERC

On the evening of Aug. 16th, starting just after 6pm, Miller Motorsports Park and NASA Utah hosted the 4th round of the WERC – Western Endurance Racing Championship. A six hour endurance race meant to give those, willing to step up to the challenge, an excellent chance to prove your ability has a driver, as a team, and just how solid your car is.

This is also one of the few events at MMP that runs into the night. And at 6 hours, running into the night it did. And much like the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, the only lights on were on pit row. As this race was running on the outer 3.1 mile loop, this means the vast majority of the race was ran in total darkness. Time to fire up those LED light bars to help drivers see into the night

As with many endurance races, cars fail and fall to the wayside. When the checker flag dropped just past midnight, only 4 cars were left standing.

Taking the overall win was Wild Schick Racing in their ES classed Nissan GTR. Followed by the E3 classed Mazda MX-5s from RJ Racing, Snow Storm, and finally Paul Mitchell.

And you can find more information NASA’s WERC series at their site.

And results of the this year’s Round 4, can be found here.

Thanks to the staff at Miler Motorsports Park for their help covering this event!

[photos | Chance Hales | Neil Eschenfelder | Mike Gillilan]

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Chad Waite on September 8, 2014 at 10:32 pm.

I’ve never been to MMP when there is a night event. This has me sold though.

And how I love those little NA Miatas running around.

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