Pirelli World Challege Round 3 Will Steam Online

By | April 15, 2011

World Challenge

Last year, two race series really stuck out as our favorites. One, Ferrari Challenge, marked the opening of the 2010 season at Miller Motorsports Park. The other, World Challenge, pretty much marked the end of the season and it was an excellent way to go out.

This year, World Challenge is returning to MMP come April 28th-May 1st as a feeder event to the K&N NASCAR Pro Series West (an AWESOME series as well). But why wait that long to check out the event? World Challenge announced yesterday that the third round of the season in Long Beach will be streamed live over the internet at World Challenge’s website! “Bad-ass”, you may be saying to yourself right now. We completely agree.

For those of you on the fence about if you should or should not watch this, consider this: World Challenge is the most relatable racing series in the world. Instead of weird prototype or F1 cars that look like airplanes with wheels, World Challenge is all about tunned street cars that look, well, normal. There’s handfuls of everyday vehicles like Kia Forte Koups, Scion TCs, Mini Coopers and Mazda Miatas as well as plenty of exotics too, including a billion Porsche 911s. This stark relation to their street-legal counterparts makes World Challenge MUCH more engaging then other series, especially if your car model is out on the track.

So, now that you know the reasons, tune in at 5:00pm MST on Sunday to watch round three of the World Challenge. Deal? Deal.

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