Poland Builds A Lamborghini Gallardo, Rebadges It “Arrinera”

By | August 8, 2011


It looks like Poland is the latest player in the game of “me too, me too” supercar building. One glance at the car above would have you swearing that you’re looking at a slightly tweaked and very dark Lamborghini Gallardo, especially from the front end. It’s no Lambo though but a new mystery supercar from a Polish automaker named Arrinera. Wait- Polish people make cars…?

Arrinera has been on the radar for a ┬ámonth or two now, but this is the first real footage of their car in “action”, appropriately quoted for the quite legal speeds the car was doing down the freeway and city streets. Apparently 40 MPH is the new 100 MPH in Europe.

So, what does this car have underneath the good looking exterior? Well it’s a new supercar video leak, so any concrete facts are off the table and it’s entirely open to blunt speculation. And since there’s no current speculation about what this car can do, let us be the first to introduce some:

  • Top Speed: 219 MPH
  • Engine: X16 (a V-8 with another V-8 stapled to it underneath and upside down). Also available with a 1.6L diesel hybrid option.
  • Power: Lots. At least a jaw dropping 351HP, more than many upcoming supercars.
  • Price: The island of Greece (about $240,000 at the current exchange rate).

Remember- you heard all of that first here at the Daily Derbi…
Arrinera Supercar

[ | YouTube]

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AJ Wilcox on August 8, 2011 at 9:39 pm.

I’ll take the 1.6L diesel option. I hear if you do, you get double the horsies.

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