President’s Day Special: The Limo That Thinks It’s A Tank

By | February 15, 2010

Since the early 1900’s the presidential choice for land bound conveyance has been a Cadillac limousine of some variety. For President Barack Obama, Cadillac-One, so named from the renowned Boeing 747 Air Force One, is the wheeled luxury of choice. It’s a relatively simple limousine on a GMC topkick chassis, a 6.5 L diesel engine with leather seating for 5 in the passenger compartment and 2 in the cab. The necessities such as a 10-disc changer and fold away laptop are made available as well as a partition between the passenger and drivers cabin that only the president controls.

The best features of Cadillac-One of course are the bullet proof ones. The U.S. government spares no expense in protecting one of our countries most valuable assets. The windows are made of bullet proof glass accompanied by 8 inch think armored doors. Only the driver’s window rolls down 3 inches but will still stop an amour piercing bullet. The driver is even trained by the CIA to drive like those car chases in movies when the president’s life is on the line.

The tires are Kevlar Goodyear run-flat tires, the same the U.S. Army uses on HUMVEE, to escape and evade any enemy on any amount of tire pressure- or the lack there of- at 60mph, Cadillac-One’s top speed. The trunk of Cadillac-One is equipped with a firefighting system and oxygen tanks to supply the cabin with air in case of emergency and the gas tank is, of course, armor plated.

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