Presidents’ Day Video Tribute

By | February 21, 2011

Happy President’s Day from the DailyDerbi! We hope your day off from work, school, or whatever it is you do was filled with fun and excitement. If not, here are a couple videos that might help!

Instead of posting the obligatory article detailing the (lame) limo’s our presidents are carted around in, we thought we’d celebrate the automotive freedoms that they defend. Nothing says “America, Eff yeah!” like watching a car being flogged on film…in Paris and Prague!

First up is what we consider to be the grandfather of all “underground” car films. Claude Lelouch’s “Rendezvous” was a first in automotive cinematic history. Strapping a camera to the front of a car (rumor has it a Mercedes) and driving high speed through Paris in the early morning hours in one continuous shot is Cinema Verite at its very best! One cannot blame Claude for not using the lackluster sound of the Mercedes, opting instead to dub in the sultry sounds of a Ferrari.  Take a peak, keeping in mind that this was shot in 1976. That’s roughly 20 years before anyone got away in Stockholm!

Next up for your President’s day viewing pleasure is a film that literally inspired yours truly to purchase the car showcased. Nissan decided to pay homage to Lelouch in their 2003 production titled “The Run”. This short film/commercial featured the then new 350 Z being properly flogged in the streets of Prague. Nissan claims to have done it in one continuous shot with multiple cameras (14 to be exact). We wish more car companies would take this approach. It sure beats a slow motion, boring drive through Detroit with a rapper at the helm!

[Brandon Christiansen]

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