Nissan Ready To Deliver First $600,000 Production Juke-R

By | October 17, 2012

Production Nissan Juke-R Front View

Production Nissan Juke-R Front View

Remember that crazy car in the picture above? It’s the Juke-R, but it’s probably not quite the matte black GT-R driven frankencar you remember from before, rather a more refined, almost “production-esk” version. That’s because it is in fact a production version.

Yes, due to insanely high demand from enthusiasts with boat loads of freely available cash, Nissan made the utterly fantastic decision to green light a limited run of the super high performance crossover all for the completely reasonable* price of $600,000 per unit. And the one photographed above is Juke-R #001, which has been blessed and assembled by Nissan, and is ready for delivery to one lucky new owner. Probably in Dubai. Ok, definitely in Dubai. Really, where else in the world right now would someone have $600k to spend on a crossover?

So, what does this price tag that is more than nearly any other car on the planet get you with a Juke-R? While most folks would hop straight to the astronomical power figures, it’s biggest characteristic is the exclusive factor. Currently there are 3 Juke-Rs in the world; the two matte black concepts that were built and this first production unit. Exclusive indeed. Next is where the 545-horsepower comes into play, which is enough power to blitz a 0-60 dash in an absurdly unneeded 3 seconds. That’s Nissan GT-R territo…oh…wait… Keep on the throttle though and the Juke-R will top out around the 170 mark.

This brings us to the final thing you’ll get for your $600k premium- the ability to trounce any and all X5Ms, Porsche Cayenne Turbos, and ML63 AMGs wanting to race at a stoplight, which is quite the common problem in Dubai, we hear…

If you had the available means, is purchasing a $600,000 Nissan Juke-R worth the price?

Production Nissan Juke-R Profile

Production Nissan Juke-R Profile

*Written sarcasm doesn’t always work.


Matthew Davis on October 17, 2012 at 10:23 pm.

Ha ha. I actually think these things are ridiculously cool. Especially since I blow my knows with Benjamin’s…

UtahCarCzar on October 18, 2012 at 9:35 am.

I love that they originally announced they would only make 3 of these and sell them for a ridiculously high price but now that has changed, except for the price.
I personally wouldn’t mind owning one, great design but between the overpriced LFA and this, I’m not sure where to spend my money first.

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