Project: Pony Up -Part Two

By | September 29, 2014

Project Pony Up

It has been a few months since our last Project: Pony Up update so it is overdue.  The project was set aside for a little while until I was able to find time to put into it again.  In the last update the old 302 had come out of the car and the engine bay painted.  In this update, the new motor and transmission has been pulled from the donor car and I’ll be going over the things that will need to be done to it before it can go into its new home.

Ford 5.0

The new motor is a 5.0 V8 from a Fox Body Mustang.  It is far from stock with its aluminum Edelbrock Performer heads, E303 cam, and Edelbrock Performer upper and lower intake manifolds producing roughly 325 hp at the crank.  The transmission, a stock T5 5-speed manual transmission used in Mustangs in various forms from 1983-2010, this one is from a 1991 GT and is known as a T5 World Class which is rated for up to 300lb/ft of torque and is fitted with a Steeda short shifter.

Borg-Warner T5

The first thing that will have to be done is cleanup.  This motor was so leaky that under normal driving I was having to add a quart of oil every other week and add coolant even more often.  There is so much oil on it and it has to go!  After cleanup, the engine will be torn down and the gaskets will be replaced.  The oil pan and timing cover are notorious for leaking.  The block will then get painted black.  Next will be converting the double sump oil pan for a front sump Canton T-Pan, oil pickup, and a windage tray.  While we’re at it the clutch will be replaced with a King Cobra clutch kit and the bellhousing will be modified for a hydraulic clutch instead of the old cable clutch setup.  A clutch pedal has already been installed but we will go over that in a future update.  A new gas tank has also been installed that is designed for fuel injected conversions.  Fuel lines will need to be routed and then it will be done to the most difficult part of the project, the wiring harness.  The harness will be plug-and-play but will need to be gone over to see what wires need to be lengthened, shortened, or removed completely.

Project: Pony Up Parts

Once all that is done, the car should be able to be fired up and back on the road!  Once the new clutch is broken in and the motor proves to be problem free, it will be taken to a local shop to be dyno-tuned to see what kind of numbers it puts down and also to get the most out of the ECU.  In the coming weeks, we will bring you updates in more of a how-to style so you can see how to do everything we do along the way as well as giving you a chance to voice opinions, suggestions, and questions about the project.

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