Pulstar Pulse Plug Review: The Hyper Miler’s Drop In Mod

By | July 9, 2013

Pulstar Pulse Plug

Anyone who has entertained the idea of adding a drop in modification to their car has no doubt run across the outrageous claims that some of these parts make. An air filter good for 20 extra horsepower. A cat-back exhaust that magically ups your torque and power by 15%. So when we heard that a new set of spark plugs would up fuel efficiency by 10%, we were skeptical. Can something as simple as a new set of spark plugs really deliver such a jump in miles per gallon?

The claim comes from a company called Pulstar, manufacturers of Pulse Plugs, products they call “the world’s best, most powerful spark plug.” Because of a unique design that utilizes a capacitive element not found in standard spark plugs, Pulstar says their Pulse Plugs deliver an ignition charge ten times more powerful than your average set of NGKs or Boschs. Because of this more powerful output, Pulstar claims fuel is subsequently ignited more effectively resulting in more power and more efficiency.

So, does it really work?

Pulstar ComparisonFull disclosure- after a demonstration at last year’s SEMA, Pulstar wanted us to try out their Pulse Plugs and sent a set for my 2012 Mazda 3 Skyactiv to test. I started by recording my average fuel economy before installing the Pulse Plugs for a full 11 tanks. After a quick swap from the stock Mazda plugs to the Pulse Plugs, I then ran another 11 tanks through hoping to get a higher mpg count.

The results were, to our surprise, very positive. Before the switch, the Mazda was averaging 35.5 mpg. After dropping in the Pulse Plugs, that number climbed to a satisfying 37.7 mpg, a full 2.2 miles per gallon more than before. While it’s not quite the 10% claimed by Pulstar, my fuel economy did increase by a not-insignificant 6.7%. For a drop in mod that took 15 minutes to swap out, that’s about as good of a number as you can hope for.

Pulse Plugs are available at pretty much any major auto parts chain, but as is to be expected will set you back much more than a typical set of high-end iridium plugs. A quick check on the Autozone website shows each Pulse Plug hovering around the $15 mark.

So at the $60 mark it takes to get a full set for the Mazda, how long would it take to make up that investment in improved fuel efficiency with my extra 2.2 miles per gallon? Today’s fuel prices at the local Chevron for 88 mid-grade was at the $3.91 mark. At 35.5 mpg that mean each mile cost me 11 cents. At 37.7 mpg that number was reduced slightly to 10.37 cents per mile, yielding a savings of 0.65 cents per mile. Using some fancy calculations with those numbers, we find it would take roughly 248 gallons of gas run through the Pulse Plugs to equal the $60 spent on a set of four. And at today’s rate, 248 gallons equals $969.68 in money spent of fuel before the savings catches up.

Worth it? In our opinion, yes, it definitely is, as reaching $970 in fuel costs will take only a handful of months for most average drivers. After that mark passes, start to enjoy the savings and extra fuel economy.

Pulse Plug Stats And Test Results

Fuel Efficiency Increase: 2.2 MPG/6.7%

Pricing: $15/plug

Where To Buy: Autozone




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